Tender for rate contract for hiring of vehicles

We have a requirement of the Hiring of Vehicles as indicated below, quotation for which will be opened at 14:30 hrs on 19.06.2017 and you are invited to submit your most competitive rate for the same. All the relevant details are given below.

  1. DESCRIPTION: Hiring of Vehicles at ICAR-NIASM.
  2. Guiding specification and other technical details


Sl. No.




Hiring of Vehicles

Rs. 8,000/-


  1. Bid document is for Hiring of Vehicles at ICAR-National Institute of Abiotic Stress Management, Malegaon (Khurd), Baramati.
  2. All bid papers submitted should be serially numbered.
  3. You are requested to submit your financial quote in the given format.
  4. The requisite amount of EMD should be attached with page number one, as mentioned above, of the Bid Document. Offer without EMD will summarily be rejected. EMD amount is Rs. 8000/-
  5. The name of the applicant should be mentioned on the reverse of the respective DD/ Banker’s Cheque, attached as EMD.
  6. All the pages of the bid document should be duly signed and stamped by the authorized signatory of the applicant. The bid document should be submitted in original
  7. The successful bidder shall be prepared to commence operations within 15 days of signing of contract.

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