NIASM launches QR-NIASM, first App of its kind to explore the Institute

On January 1, 2021 ICAR-NIASM launched ‘QR-NIASM’, an App to explore the facilities and activities at the NIASM campus. The App, the first of its kind, will act as a personal guide for Android users for effective and easy access to information of the Institute. While taking round at the campus, the user may get curious to know more about the infrastructures, research projects and other services. With the App, there is no need to take help from anybody to explain about it. The user can just scan the QR code on the nearby display board and get the desired information in audio format in Marathi, Hindi and English languages, as per the choice.

With this App, NIASM also released its first Audio Book ‘Kamalam (Dragon fruit)’ in Hindi. On the New Year Day, we welcome all of you to the world of ICAR-NIASM, Baramati.


Link of Application