Ongoing Projects: 


Project Name



School of Atmospheric Stress Management


Impact of cropping systems and spentwash on soil development under irrigated and rainfed conditions

Yogeshwar  Singh

V Rajagopal, KK Meena, GC Wakchaure


Crop water production functions using line source sprinkler system: interaction with bioregulators, soil fertility and crop cultivars

GC Wakchaure

 KK Meena


Identification, cloning and expression analysis of temperature, salinity and hypoxia responsive genes in fish

MP Brahmane

Satish Kumar


Techniques to obviate edaphic stresses in orchards grown in shallow basaltic soils

Yogeshwar  Singh

DD Nangare, Jagadish Rane, Gopalakrishnan 

5. Quantifying thermal tolerance limits and genetic polymorphism to temperature stress in fishes from drought affected Bhima, Krishna rivers MP Brahmane Mukeshkumar Bhendarkar, Neeraj Kumar
6. Exploring potential to obviate water and high temperature stress in onion (Allium Cepa L.) for enhancing productivity and post-harvest storage quality. GC Wakchaure KK Meena, Bhaskar Gaikwad
7. Simulation and visualisation of potential population growth in pulse beetle, callosobruchus chinensis L. (Bruchidae: Coleoptera) in pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L. Millsp) under changing climatic conditions and its geographic distribution. Rajkumar  
8. Spawning and larval development of snakehead, channa spp, and Nile Tilapia Oreochromis nilolicus under abiotic stress environment Mukeshkumar Bhendarkar MP Brahmane, Neeraj Kumar
9. Study of immune response and HSP genes polymorphism in relation to heat stress in poultry SS Pawar NP Kurade

School of Water Stress Management


Assessment of Quinoa (chenopodium quinoa) as an alternate crop for water scarcity zone

Jagadish Rane

NP Singh


Evaluation of Nutritional Stressors and Their Indicators In Cattle Population In Different Drought Prone Areas.

NP Kurade

Gopalakrishnan , Neeraj Kumar  


Investigation on traits and genes associated with adaptation of wheat genotypes to local drought and heat stress environments

AK Singh

Jagadish Rane, Mahesh Kumar


Investigation of traits and genes associated with resilience to moisture stress in soybean

Mahesh Kumar

AK Singh, Jagadish Rane


Evaluation of water saving techniques for fruits and vegetables in shallow soils of semi-arid region

DD Nangare

Yogeshwar Singh, Mahesh Kumar


Spectral delineation of moisture and nutrient stresses in vineyards through hyperspectral spectroscopy

Bhaskar Gaikwad


16. Evaluating performance of soybean based cropping systems in response to deficit irrigation Aliza Pradhan Jagadish Rane, Amresh Choudhary

School of Soil Stress Management


Brood stock management, breeding and seed production of important fin fishes in abiotic stressed farms

Neeraj Kumar

MP Brahmane


Isolation and characterization of biomolecule producing bacteria for salt stress alleviation in major crops

KK Meena

KK Krishnani, RL Choudhary


Assessment and detoxification of heavy metals in aquatic water bodies using nutritional approaches

Neeraj Kumar

KK Krishnani, Paritosh  Kumar 

20. Wastewater treatment synergizing with integrated approach of constructed wetland and aquaponics. Paritosh Kumar Neeraj Kumar, KK Meena, Harisha CB
21. Effect of nutritional and salinity stress on physiological, biochemical traits and yield of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) Harisha CB KK Meena

School of Social Science and Policy Support






Completed Projects:


Project Name



1. Design and development of livestock and fishery structures for heat stress management G.C. Wakchaure B Sarkar
2. Study of genetic polymorphism of heat shock protein genes among indigenous and cross breed cattle B Sajjanar Sachinkumar Pawar, Rajib  Deb
3. Impact of radiation levels on physio biochemical behaviour yield and yield attributes in soybean and rabi sorghum SK Bal RL Choudhary, Yogeshwar Singh
4. Resource conservation technologies for enhancing productivity and input-use efficiency in sugarcane ratoon crop RL Choudhary V Rajagopal, GC Wakchaure, KK Krishnani
5. Monitoring and quantifying abiotic stresses in soybean, rabi sorghum genotypes: index based approach for crop water management Sunayan Saha SK Bal, Yogeshwar Singh, V Rajagopal

Abiotic stresses affecting crop-insect pest interactions in the context of global climate change

Babasaheb Fand

Mahesh Kumar, AL Kamble, DD Nangare


Enhancing adaptability of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L., Taub to drought stress through breeding approaches

 DV Patil

Jagadish Rane


Functional and genetic diversity of bacterial endophytes of drought tolerant sorghum crop

V Govindasamy

Mahesh Kumar


Examination of uncultured microbial diversity of saline soils using metagenomics

S Kumar

KK Krishnani, V Rajagopal


Design and development of mini tractor seeder attachment for sugarcane trash farming  (Closed)

SV Ghadge



NDVI based mapping of abiotic stress


 SK Bal, PS Minhas

12. Maximizing sorghum yield and water use efficiency by optimizing plant density, cultivars and sowing times for shallow to medium deep black soils of Deccan Plateau RL Meena  
13. Reclamation of alkali/sodic soils through bioremediation synergizing with integrated farming  KK Krishnani  
14. Nano(bio-) remediation of nitrogenous contaminants using silver-ion exchanged zeolites KK Krishnani  
15. Enhancement of waterlogging tolerance in soybean (Glycine max L.) RL Choudhary  
16. Assessment of climate imposed vulnerability of onion farming in Maharashtra AL Kamble