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School of Atmospheric Stress Management


Monitoring and quantifying energy and mass fluxes from edaphically stressed crops in western Maharashtra: micrometeorological approach (S. Saha, S.K. Bal, Y. Singh)


Identification, cloning and expression analysis of temperature, salinity and hypoxia responsive genes in fish (M.P. Brahmane, B. Sajjanar, S. Kumar)


Abiotic stresses affecting crop-insect pest interactions in the context of global climate change (M. Kumar, A.L. Kamble, D.D. Nangare)


Impact of Radiation levels on physio-biochemical behaviour yield and yield attributes in soybean (Glycine max) and rabi sorghum (Sorghum bicolor). (S.K. Bal, S. Saha, Y. Singh)


Study of genetic polymorphism of heat shock protein genes among indigenous and cross breed cattle (B. Sajjanar)


Impact of cropping systems and spent wash on soil development under irrigated and rainfed conditions (Y. Singh, P.S. Minhas, V. Rajagopal, K.K. Meena, G.C. Wakchaure)


Crop water production functions using line source sprinkler system: interaction with bioregulators, soil fertility and crop cultivars (G.C. Wakchaure, P.S. Minhas, R.L. Choudhary, S.K. Bal, K.K. Meena)


Design and development of livestock and fishery structures for heat stress management (G.C. Wakchaure)


Study of immune response and HSP genes polymorphism in relation to heat stress in poultry (S.S. Pawar )

School of Drought Stress Management


Phenotypic, biochemical and molecular analysis of greengram for identification of drought tolerant genotypes (S.K. Raina, A.K. Singh, J. Rane)


Investigation on traits and genes associated with adaptation of wheat genotypes to local drought and heat stress environments (A.K. Singh, J. Rane, M. Kumar )


Investigation of traits and genes associated with resilience to moisture stress in soybean (M. Kumar, A.K. Singh, R.L. Choudhary)


Enhancing adaptability of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L., Taub to drought stress through breeding approaches (J. Rane)


Functional and genetic diversity of bacterial endophytes of drought tolerant sorghum crop (M. Kumar)


Evaluation of water saving techniques for fruits and vegetables in shallow soils of semi-arid region (D.D.Nangare, P.S. Minhas, Y. Singh, M. Kumar, S. Saha, Prashanthkumar.H,  P.B. Taware)

School of Edaphic Stress Management


Nano(bio-) remediation of nitrogenous contaminants using silver-ion exchanged zeolites (K.K. Krishnani, V. Rajagopal, Neeraj Kumar)


Examination of uncultured microbial diversity of saline soils using metagenomics (S. Kumar, K.K. Krishnani, V. Rajagopal)


Brood stock management, breeding and seed production of important fin fishes in abiotic stressed farms (Neeraj Kumar, M.P. Brahmane, K.K. Krishnani)


Resource conservation technologies for enhancing productivity and input-use efficiency in sugarcane ratoon crop (R.L. Choudhary, P.S. Minhas, V. Rajagopal, G.C. Wakchaure, K.K. Krishnani)


Design and development of mini tractor seeder attachment for sugarcane trash farming


Isolation  and  characterization  of  biomolecule  producing  bacteria  for  salt stress alleviation in major crops (K.K. Meena, D.P. Patel, K.K. Krishnani, R.L. Choudhary)


Techniques to obviate edaphic stresses in orchards grown in shallow basaltic soils (Y. Singh, P.S. Minhas, D.D. Nangare, J. Rane, P.B. Taware)

23. Assessment and detoxification of heavy metals in aquatic water bodies using nutritional approaches (Neeraj Kumar, K K Krishnani, Paritosh Kumar)

School of Policy Support Research


Assessment of climate imposed vulnerability of onion farming in Maharashtra (A.L. Kamble)