Name of Tender Due Date Download
Tender for the “Annual Rate Contract for Laboratory –Chemicals, DNA Sequencing, Filter Paper and other Lab consumables, Glassware Plastic ware” 04.12.2020
Tender for the catering service at Nira Guest House 31.10.2020
Tenders for the “job / work contract for providing various seasonal agriculture/farm operation works [unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled (tractor driver)]” 28.09.2020
Tender for the job/work contract for providing manpower (unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled and highly skilled) 21.08.2020
Tender for Annual Rate Contract for Printing of Publications 02.03.2020
Auction Notice: Sale/Auction of surplus buffaloes at National Institute of Abiotic Stress Management, Malegaon, Baramati on 09 & 11 March, 2020 --
Tenders for the supply of farm equipment – Power Tiller 18.07.2019
Tender for the empanelment of vendors for supply of books for library 23.07.2019
Tender for the annual rate contract for laboratory consumables, glassware, plastic wares, filter papers and DNA gene sequencing 28.06.2019
Corrigendum: Extension of bid submission date of e-tender for "Supply of Farm Equipment- Tractor” 15.03.2019
Tender for supply of farm equipment – Tractor 11.03.2019
Tender for the supply of farm equipment-Power Tiller 23.02.2019
Tender for supply of laboratory equipment- microscope fluorescent 07.02.2019
Tender for supply of laboratory equipments 01.02.2019


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