Externally Funded

Sl No.

Project Title

1. RNA Interference (RNAi) and Virus Induced Gene Silencing (VIGS) Approaches to Enhance Drought and Heat Stress Tolerance in Soybean (Ajay K. Singh- ICAR-NIASM, Milind B. Ratnaparkhe, ICAR-IISR, Indore, M.V. Rajam, Univ. Delhi, South Campus, New Delhi) funded by ICAR, Extramural Project


Evaluation  of  green  gram  genotype  for  resilience  to  moisture  stress  (A.K. Singh and  J. Rane) funded by NICRA, CRIDA, Hyderabad


Combining field phenotyping and next generation genetics to uncover markers, genes and biology underlying drought tolerance in wheat (J. Rane, A.K. Singh) funded by BBSRC


Predicting the impact of climate change on regional and seasonal abundance of major soyabean insect pests using temperature-driven phenology modelling and GIS-based risk mapping approach funded by DST, GoI., New Delhi


Development of likelihood model of microbes mediated salt and drought stress alleviation in wheat crop using omics approaches (K.K.Meena) funded by DST,GoI, New Delhi


Functional characterization of salt tolerant bacteria usingmultiomics approaches and their exploitation for alleviation of salt stress in crop plants (K.K. Meena,K.K. Krishnani, J.Rane, P.S. Minhas) funded by AMAAS, NBAIM, Mau


Conservation agriculture for enhancing resource-use efficiency environmental quality and productivity of sugarcane based cropping system ( R.L. Choud- hary) funded by Conservation Agriculture (CA) platform of ICAR

8. Assessment of silixol efficacy on wheat under drought and high temperatures (J. Rane and  P.S. Minhas ) funded by Privi Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
9. Assessment of novel organic compounds for their efficacy on crop plants under drought (M. Kumar, R. L. Meena, J. Rane and  P.S. Minhas) funded by Geolife India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai