Real time Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging System

Instrument Details:

Make : PSI, Czech Republic​

Model: FluorCam FC 1000-H​





More than 50 calculated as well as Measured parameters like FV/FM, FV'/FM', NPQ, qN, qP, Rfd, PAR-absorptivity coefficient etc, Can measure parameter in leaf as well as plant level. Suitable for both field and laboratory. Imaged area is up to 31.5 × 41.5 mm

Working Principles:

Handy FluorCam FC 1000-H generates images of fluorescence signal using a false colour scale. The camera allows imaging of fluorescence transients that are induced by actinic light or by saturating flashes. The timing and amplitude of actinic irradiance are determined by user-defined protocols.​


Contact Us:

The Director, ICAR-NIASM


Tel.: 02112 254057; Fax: 02112 254056



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