Human Resources Development (HRD)

Training Programs Attended:

Name Trainings programme Place Period
Dr. D. D. Nagare To Participate winter school Bhopal 29 Nov- 22 Dec, 2016 
Dr. Mahesh Kumar Training & awareness workshop on J-gate@CeRA for Western region states (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh) ICAR-DKMA and NAU, Navsari October, 8 2016
Mr Santosh Pawar Project Management National Council for Training and Social Research
(NCTSR), New Delhi
September.21-23,   2016
Dr. Dhananjay D. Nangare Analysis of experimental data ICAR-NAARM August 18-23, 2016 
Mr Sunil Potekar Agro meteorological Data Collection, Analysis and Management ICAR-CRIDA July 25-August 6, 2016 
Mr Pravin More / Mr Pardeep Kumar/Mr. Milind S. Bhatkar “Implementation of NIC's e-procurement solution through CPP portal” ICAR-NDRI July  to 21-22, 2016 
Dr. K K Krishnani Participated in Pre-RMP Management Development Programme on Leadership development NAARM, Hyderabad June 7-18, 2016
Mr. Rajkumar 3 months attachment training IIHR, Bangalore 06 June to 05 Sep. 2016
Mrs. Sravanthi Bandela 4 months attachment training PJTSAY, Hyderabad 28 May to 30 Aug. 2016
Mr. Paritosh Kumar 3 months attachment training IARI, New Delhi 23 May to 22 Aug. 2016
Dr Jagadish Rane Competency Development for HRD Nodal Officers of ICAR NAARM, Hyderabad Feb 10-12, 2016
Dr M. P. Brahmane CAFT- Computational Tools and Techniques for Molecular Data Analysis in Agriculture IACR-IASRI, New Delhi February 2-March 2, 2016
Mr Gopalakrishnan B. Short Course on Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, ISRO, DOS, Dehradun, Uttarakhand January 4-February 29, 2016
Dr R. L. Choudhary Interaction Meeting cum Training Programme for Partners of CRP on CA ICAR-CIAE, Bhopal January 29­30, 2016
Mr Ram Avtar Parashar MDP on public procurment NIFM, Faridabad December 7-12, 2015
Dr Basavaraj Sajjanar "Bioinformatics and high dimensional genome data analaysis" ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi November 25-December 15, 2015
Dr M. P. Brahmane Short term training on Fish Genomic and Proteomic Data analysis with High throughput computing ICAR-NBFGR, Lucknow November 19-24, 2015
Dr Mahesh Kumar "PlantOmics - Emerging Tools and Techniques for Crop Improvement" ICAR-IARI, New Delhi November 18-December 8, 2015
Dr Neeraj Kumar Advances in Applications of Nanotechnology ICAR-CIRCOT, Mumbai October 05­09, 2015
Mr Ram Avtar Parashar Training on Administrative and Finance Management NAARM, Hyderabad August 11­14, 2015
Dr Y. Singh Dr A. K. Singh Agricultural Research Management NAARM, Hyderabad July 13-25, 2015
Mr Gopalakrishnan B. Short course on Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization, Kolkata July 13-24, 2015
Dr K. K. Meena Two days training programme on post run data analysis and method development for HPLC Shimadzu Analytical (India) Mumbai July 13-16, 2015
Dr J. Rane Project Monitoring Evaluation NAARM, Hyderabad June 2-6, 2015
Mr Prashantkumar  S H Phenotyping Crop Plants for Drought and Heat-adaptive traits for FOCARS training programme UAS, GKVK, Bengaluru May11-August 10, 2015
Mr Balusamy A. Professional attachment training on Modeling the impact of moisture and temperature stress on wheat yield of Maharashtra IARI New Delhi May 10 - August 11, 2015
Mr V. Rajagopal ICAR sponsored winter school on “Advanced techniques for assessment for soil health, GHG’S emission and carbon sequestration in Rice under changing climatic scenario and mitigation strategies” ICAR-CRRI, Cuttack November 11-December 01, 2014
Dr R. L. Choudhary Conservation Agriculture (CA): Developing Resilient Systems ICAR-CSSRI, Karnal September 27 – October 04, 2014
Dr D.V.K. N. Rao Remote sensing – An overview for decision makers IIRS, Dehradun June 17-20, 2014
Smt Purnima Ghadge Special training programme for
the employees of ICAR
June 09-20,
Shri Ram Avtar
Public Financial Management &
May 26-30,
Dr B. B. Fand Introduction to GIS NRSC,
May 05-30,
Dr G.C. Wakchaure Characterization of potential agro-waste/grasses as an efficient feedstock for biofuel production NCSU, Raleigh,USA Feb. 03-Mar.31, 2014
Dr A.L. Kamble  Adoption and impact assessment of research and development  projects
 Small farmers value chains and   markets linkages
ICRISAT, Hyderabad  Nov. 27-30, Dec. 02-04, 2013
Dr (s) G.C. Wakchaure, R.L. Choudhary SAS for developing predictive models in agriculture, animal and aquaculture research CIFE, Mumbai Nov. 18-23, 2013
Dr S.K. Bal Science administration and research management ASCI, Hyderabad Nov. 11-22, 2013
Dr S. Saha Eddy covariance system, Eddy- Pro software and soil sequestration IITM, Pune Nov. 11-13, 2013
Using resilience lens for developing climate resilient agriculture ICRISAT, Hyderabad Oct. 07- 18, 2013
Dr P. Sureshkumar Biomolecules: functional food compounds Michigan State University, USA Sept. 01- Nov. 30, 2013
Dr B. Sarkar Consultancy project management NAARM, Hyderabad Aug. 01-08, 2013
Dr R.K. Pasala Agricultural research management NAARM, Hyderabad July 15- 27, 2013
Dr S. Saha Recent advances in statistical modelling techniques CAFT, IASRI, New Delhi May 31-June 20, 2013
Dr K.K. Krishnani Deputation training on "Enzymatic bioremediation of priority chemical stressors" under the Australia Awards, 2012- Endeavour Research Fellowship CSIRO, Canberra, Australia Sept. 24, 2012- March, 23, 2013
Dr V. Govindasamy Deputation training on "Bacterial endophytes of drought tolerant wheat genotypes" under the Australia Awards, 2012- Endeavour Research Fellowship Flinders Univ., Adelaide, Australia Sept. 1,2012 - Feb. 28, 2013
Dr G.C. Wakchaure Researcher's Training Program on 'SAS for data reduction and multivariate analysis' CIFE, Mumbai Feb. 11-16, 2013
Dr R.L. Choudhary Researcher's Training program on 'SAS for data reduction and multivariate analysis' CIFE, Mumbai Feb. 11-16, 2013
Dr B. Sarkar Winter school on "Sustainable fish feeds and nutraceutricals to grow health  promoting fish" CIFA , Bhubaneswar Jan. 15 - Feb. 7,2013
Dr S.K. Bal Refresher Course on "Agricultural research management" NAARM, Hyderabad Jan. 7-19, 2013
Dr D.V.K.N. Rao "Space technology for management of flood and drought disasters" under Indo-Russia-China Collaboration Program NRSC, Hyderabad Dec. 17-22, 2012
Dr D.D. Nangare ICAR sponsored winter school on "Recent advances in micro-irrigation and fertigation" CPCT, IARI, New Delhi Nov. 5-25, 2012
Mr V. Rajagopal Modern monitoring tools for enhanced resource use efficiency in rained agriculture CRIDA, Hyderabad Oct. 4-13, 2012
Dr R.L. Choudhary Winter school on "System based conservation agriculture for sustained productivity and soil health" PDFSR, Modipuram, Meerut, UP Oct. 3-23, 2012
Dr S. Saha Training on "weather based agromet advisory services and use of weather data" CRIDA, Hyderabad Sept. 14-15, 2012
Mr Satish Kumar NAIP sponsored Training on "Assessment of microbial diversity by next generation sequencing (NGS) for taxonomic and metabolic reconstruction of gut microbes" NIANP, Bangalore Aug. 22- Sept. 4,2012
Dr R.K. Pasala Consultancy Project Management NAARM, Hyderabad Aug. 7-14, 2012
Dr K.K. Krishnani Management development program in agricultural research NAARM, Hyderabad Jul. 3-7, 2012
Dr M.P. Brahmane Summer Short Course on "Genomic and phenomic tools for the analysis of livestock genome" NBAGR, Karnal Jun. 14-23, 2012
Dr D.V.K.N. Rao Refresher Course on "Agricultural Research Management" NAARM, Hyderabad Jun. 5-18, 2012
Dr S. Saha Training on "Agromet core course" IMD, Pune Apr. 24-May 15, 2012
Mr Sunil V Potekar Agriculture meteorological observers' course IMD, Pune February 27- March 16, 2012
Mr G Madhukar Ms Noshin Shaik Remote sensing and geographical information system NRSC Hyderabad November 14, 2011 - Febraury 3, 2012
Mr G Madhukar Mr Pravin More Total library software solutions Total IT Solutions, New Delhi August 2­9, 2011
Dr DVKN Rao National level training programme on "Climate change and geospatial technology" CSIR- NISCAIR, New Delhi March 12­18, 2012
Dr DV Patil Dr Manoj P Brahmane Researchers training programme on SAS for genetics and genomics data analysis CIFE, Mumbai February 27- March 3, 2012
Dr Babasaheb B Fand  Dr Kiran P Bhagat International training programme on "Capacity building" College of Agriculture, Baramati February 15-25, 2012
Mr V Rajagopal Professional attachment training on "Soil organic matter management for climate resilient agriculture" IISS, Bhopal February 1 - April 30, 2012
Mr Satish Kumar Professional attachment training on "Learning molecular biology based approaches to combat abiotic stresses in plants" NRCPB, New Delhi February 1 - April 30, 2012
Dr Basavraj Sajjanar Professional attachment training on "Effect of heat stress on expression of heat shockproteins in broiler birds" NIANP, Bengaluru February 1 -April 30, 2012
Dr Chubasenla Aochen CAFT course on "Current techniques and protocols in plant biochemistry and molecular biology" IARI, New Delhi December 8- 28, 2011
Dr Babasaheb B Fand Winter school on "Molecular mechanisms involved in conferring abiotic stress tolerance to the biological control agents" NBAII, Bengaluru December 1-21, 2011
Dr Shashikant V Ghadge Installation training workshop on "SAS 9.3 software" NAARM, Hyderabad November 15-16, 2011
Dr Susheel K Raina National training on "Molecular breeding for rice improvement" DRR, Hyderabad August 17-30, 2011
Dr Babasaheb B Fand NAIP sponsored training programme on "Forecast modelling in crops" IASRI, New Delhi August 3­12, 2011
Dr V Govindasamy National training on "Trends in bioinformatics and computation systems: exploring interconnections for molecular biological applications" NBAIM, Mau (U.P.) July 16 - 29, 2011
Dr Shashikant V Ghadge National training on "Advanced techno-management programme for middle level scientists" ASCI, Hyderabad June 27 - July 29, 2011