GFS-3000 Portable Photosynthesis System

Instrument Details:

Make : Heinz Walz​

Model: GFS-3000​ (3100-C​)



  • Control Unit 3100-C
  • Standard Measuring Head 3010-S
  • LED-Array/PAM-fluorometer 3055-FL (if GFS-3000FL)
  • Leaf Area Adapters
  • Cuvettes for Arabidopsis plants, Conifers or Lichens/Mosses (optional)


Working Principles:

          Gas Interchange Measures are based on the basic principle that changes in CO2 and H2O concentrations are determined when air passes through a controlled climate chamber containing a sample of the plant.


User Instructions:

General Safety Instructions-

  • Read the safety instructions and the operating instructions first.
  • Pay attention to all the safety warnings.
  • Keep the device away from water or high moisture areas.
  • Keep the device away from dust, sand and dirt.
  • Always ensure there is sufficient ventilation.
  • Do not put the device anywhere near sources of heat.
  • Connect the device only to the power source indicated in the operating   instructions or on the device.
  • Clean the device only according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Ensure that no liquids or other foreign bodies can find their way inside the device.

Special Safety Instructions:

  • The GFS-3000 is a highly sensitive research instrument, which should be used only for research purposes, as specified in this manual.
  • The GFS-3000 employs high intensity light sources which may cause damage to the eye. Avoid looking directly into these light sources during continuous illumination or saturation pulses.

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