Staff List


Name  Designation E-mail ID
Dr Narendra Pratap Singh Director
Scientific Staff
Dr Jagadish Rane Head, Division of Drought Stress Management
Dr KK Krishnani Head, Division of Edaphic Stress Management
Dr NP Kurade Principal Scientist (Veterinary Pathology)
Dr Kamlesh Kumar Meena Senior Scientist (Agril. Microbiology)
Dr Ajay Kumar Singh Senior Scientist (Agril. Biotechnology)
Dr Yogeshwar Singh Senior Scientist (Agronomy)
Dr Manoj Brahmane Scientist (Senior Scale)(Biotech._AS)
Dr Dhananjay D Nangare Scientist (Senior Scale)(Soil & Water Cons. Engg.)
Dr Sachinkumar S Pawar Scientist SS (Biotech Animal Sci.)
Dr Goraksha Wakchaure Scientist(Agricultural Structure & Process Engineering)
Dr Ankush Kamble Scientist (Senior Scale) (Agril. Economics)
Dr Mahesh Kumar Scientist (Plant Physiology)
Dr R L Choudhary Scientist (Agronomy)
Mr V Rajagopal Scientist (Soil Chemistry/Fertility/Microbiology)
Mr Satish Kumar Scientist (Bio-Chemistry–Plant Science)
Dr Neeraj Kumar Scientist (Fish Nutrition)
Mr Gopalakrishnan B. Scientist (Environmental Science)
Mr Rajkumar Scientist
Mr Paritosh Kumar Scientist
Mr Harisha C B Scientist
Dr Bhaskar Bharat Gaikwad Scientist(Farm Machinery & Power)
Mr Mukeshkumar Bhendarkar Scientist (Fisheries Resource Managment)  
Technical Staff
Dr Avinash Nirmale Chief Technical Officer (SMS Animal Science)
Dr Pravin Taware Senior Technical Officer (Farm)
Ms Noshin Shaikh Senior Technical Assistant (Civil)
Mr Santosh Pawar Senior Technical Assistant (Electrical)
Mr Pravin More Senior Technical Assistant (Computer)
Mr Rushikesh Gophane Senior Technical Assistant (Horticulture)
Mr Madhukar Gubbala Senior Technical Assistant (Information Technology)
Mrs Priya George Senior Technical Assistant (Microbiology)
Mr Lalitkumar Aher Senior Technical Assistant (Biotechnology)
Mr Sunil Potekar Senior Technical Assistant (Agrometeorology)
Mr Patwaru Chahande Senior Technical Assistant (Agriculture)
Mr Aniket More Senior Technician (Mali)
Administration & Finance Staff
Shri Babul Kumar Sinha Senior Administrative Officer
Smt Purnima S Ghadge Assistant Administrative Officer
Mr Dayanand Kharat Assistant



Last Updated: 05.08.2017