Sec.4(b)(iii): The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability

The Director is assisted in the execution and implementation of various programmes by four School Heads, Senior Administrative Officer, and Finance and Accounts Officer. The Institute is organized into four functional schools, viz. School of Atmospheric Stress Management, School of Water Stress Management, School of Soil Stress Management and School of Social Science and Policy Support.  The Administration and Finance Sections of the Academy provide the needed support. The Institute Management Committee (IMC) guides and supports the Director by periodic review of programmes and approval of investments in new areas of research and education, training programmes, workshops and seminars. The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) provides broad guidelines and assists in developing and implementing specific research programmes and projects.

The organogram of the Institute, provided in section (i) on “The particulars of organization, functions, and duties of the NIASM” indicates the channels of supervision.

(Annexure -OMV)

Work covered in OMV Section

  1. Disciplinary cases of All the Scientific/Technical/Ministerial/Supporting Staff of the Institute
  2. To examining and scrutinizing of cases in details and issue of charge sheet by processing the case.
  3. Go through with Inquiry Reports and put up before higher authorities.
  4. Issuing of Penalty orders.
  5. Issue of vigilance Clearance and Integrity Certificate on the basis of Cases and CRs of All the Scientific/Technical/ Ministerial/Supporting Staff of the Institute.
  6. To deal with the Theft cases of the Institute.
  7. To follow the Vigilance Awareness Week Instructions.
  8. IJSC/BOM/IGC proceedings
  9. Monitoring of ICAR instructions regarding disciplinary rules.
  10. Appointment of Vigilance Officer.
  11. Complaints reg. Irregularities in store purchase/job work etc. and other misc. complaints.
  12. Maintenance of CR dossiers of All the Scientific/Technical/Ministerial/Supporting Staff of the Institute.
  13. Communication of adverse entries and issue of orders for the same in r/o all Scientific/Technical/Ministerial/Supporting Staff of the Institute and its Regional Stations.
  14. Preparation of grading for placing before DPC meeting in respect of Scientist/Technical/Ministerial Staff and submission the same to the DPC meeting along with CR dossiers as and when required.
  15. Issue of Instructions regarding writing of AARs/CRs and instructions of ICAR/Govt. of India instructions received from time to time
  16. Forwarding of CRs and CR dossiers to ICAR and copies of CRs to outside departments.
  17. Weeding out of the record of OMV.
  18. Maintenance of casual leave account of staff of OMV Section
  19. To prepare the statement of files pending outside the section.
  20. Submission of quarterly report of Hindi Raj Bhasha
  21. Submission of ICAR quarterly Reports.
  22. Submission of RTI Reports.
  23. To process the Cases received under RTI Act pertaining to OMV Section.
  24. Monitoring Punctuality and Regularity of Attendance in Directorate.
  25. Audit Paras and Parliaments Questions referred to OMV Section.
  26. Update, upkeep and maintenance of 1500 (approx.) CR Dossiers and disciplinary files of All the Scientific/Technical/Ministerial/Supporting Staff of the Institute from the year 2010 onwards.
  27. Any other work assigned by Senior officers.