School of Social Science and Policy Support

Name: Dr. Dhananjay D. Nangare

Designation: I/c Head & Principal Scientist (Soil & Water Conservation Engineering)

Date of Birth: 01.06.1970

Education: Ph.D.

Major Research Area: Micro irrigation, Irrigation water management in horticulture crops

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ERP ID: 016723

Mobile: 9665204895; Phone: 02112-254057/8

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Name: Dr. Sachinkumar S Pawar

Designation: Senior Scientist (Animal Biotechnology)

Date of Birth: 19.08.1981

Education: Ph.D. in Animal Biotechnology

Major Research Area: Abiotic stress management studies in livestock and poultry.

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ERP ID: 016732

Mobile: 7721809906; Phone: 02112-254057/8; Extn No: 214

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NameDr. Bhaskar Bharat Gaikwad

Designation: Senior Scientist (Farm Machinery & Power)

Date of Birth: 15.12.1982

Education: Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering

Major Research Area:Precision Agriculture, Nutrient and moisture stress detection through Hyperspectral Spectroscopy

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ERP ID: 006720

Mobile: 9179962002;  Phone: 02112-254057/8

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NameDr. Sanjivkumar Angadrao Kochewad

Designation: Senior Scientist (LPM)

Date of Birth: 20.07.1980

Education: Ph. D (LPM)

Major Research Area: 

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Mobile: 9456031627; Phone: 02112-254057/8

Name: Dr. Boraiah KM

Designation: Scientist (Senior Scale)(Genetics and Plant Breeding)

Date of Birth: 10.05.1986

Education: Ph.D. in Genetics and Plant Breeding

Major Research Area:Screening of germplasms/genotypes/mapping populations for drought resistance using high throughput phenotyping/phenomics

Email Id:

ERP ID: 014252

Mobile: 8005258190;  Phone: 02112-254057/8

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Aliza Pradhan

Name: Mr. Karthikeyan N.

Designation: Scientist 

Date of Birth: 05.02.1982

Education: M.Sc (Microbiology) & European Masters in Food Science Technology & Nutrition

Major Research Area: 

Email Id:

ERP Id: 014743

Mobile: 8005202078; Phone: 02112-254057/8

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Name: Mr. K Ravi Kumar

Designation: Scientist (Agricultural Extension)

Date of Birth: 06.04.1987

Education:M.Sc (Agricultural Extension)

Major Research Area: Agricultural extension for Climate Resilience 

Email Id:

ERP Id: 021216

Mobile: Phone: 02112-254057/8

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