School of Atmospheric Stress Management

Name: Dr. Manoj  P. Brahmane

Designation: Principal Scientist, Biotechnology ( Animal Science) 

Date of Birth: 12.11.1973

Education: Ph.D. in Animal Biotechnology

Major Research Area: Fish Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Expression of Muscle regulatory Factor genes in fish under Abiotic stress environment

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ERP ID: 019404

Mobile: 8600609131; Phone: 02112-254057/8; Extn No: 203

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Name: Dr. Sachinkumar S Pawar

Designation: Scientist SS (Animal Biotechnology)

Date of Birth: 19.08.1981

Education: Ph.D. in Animal Biotechnology

Major Research Area: Abiotic stress management studies in livestock and poultry.

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ERP ID: 016732

Mobile: 7721809906; Phone: 02112-254057/8; Extn No: 214

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Name: Mr. Gopalakrishnan B.

Designation: Scientist (Environmental Science)

Date of Birth: 08.12.1986

Education: MSc in Environmental Science

Major Research Area:

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ERP ID: 016735

Mobile: 8888660649; Phone: 02112-254057/8

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Name: Mr. Rajkumar

Designation: Scientist (Agricultural Entomology)

Date of Birth: 01.08.1983

Education: MSc

Major Research Area: Chemical ecology, Population dynamics

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ERP ID: 021847

Mobile: 7028053855; Phone: 02112-254057/8; Extn No: 230

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Name: Mr. Mukeshkumar Parasram Bhendarkar

Designation: Scientist (Fisheries Resource Management)

Date of Birth: 28.11.1988

Education: MFSc.

Major Research Area: Fisheries Resource management, Fisheries Biology, Taxonomy, Biodiversity

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ERP ID: 021849

Mobile: 9860658512;  Phone: 02112-254057/8; Extn No: 213

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Name: Mr. Ram N. Singh

Designation: Scientist (Agricultural Meteorology)

Date of Birth: 05.02.1993

Education: MSc.

Major Research Area: Agrometeorology, Stress monitoring and Image Processing

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ERP ID: 023601

Mobile: 9696566676;  Phone: 02112-254057/8

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